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• Music/Ustvolskaya/Painting (2014- )
• Little paintings (2014- )
• Translation and Reprise (2013- )
• Music/Feldman/Painting (2007- )
• Studio walls (2002-  )
• Drawing (2002-  )
• Recording Surface (2002-2006)
• Video/Vertov/Painting (1997-2001)
• Video/Painting (1990-1996)
• Painting (1989-1990)


One could summarize Mario Côté’s pictorial project of these six years as a deliberate borrowing of a process that is different from painting, and that comes from the making of electronic images as represented by constantly changing frames on the screen. As of 1988, he was making video works in parallel with his pictorial practice as though to embrace the challenge of a possible fusion between a fixed image and a moving one. His project of transposing the electronic image into painting has led him to favour, almost exclusively, a formal system using the three colours red, green and blue in reference to RGB light, to defining a surface by a certain number of horizontal lines, and to the intertwining of photographic and abstract images. Between movement and freeze-frame, painting investigates the very matter of images.

photo credit Denis Farley et Guy L'Heureux