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• Music/Ustvolskaya/Painting (2014- )
• Little paintings (2014- )
• Translation and Reprise (2013- )
• Music/Feldman/Painting (2007- )
• Studio walls (2002-  )
• Drawing (2002-  )
• Recording Surface (2002-2006)
• Video/Vertov/Painting (1997-2001)
• Video/Painting (1990-1996)
• Painting (1989-1990)


In 1994, Mario Côté again watched Dziga Vertov’s film Man with a Movie Camera after a fifteen-year interval, and had the strange experience of a nearly intact film-memory. Shot by shot, the images were viewed and painstakingly tracked and observed through the window of a video monitor -- an exercise in verifying the validity of this film-memory. The result was the video project Variations Vertov (1996) as well as more than sixty paintings that were shown together on the occasion of a retrospective at the Musée d’art de Joliette curated by Nicole Gingras.  Between Vertov’s project and Coté’s, with all due modesty and proportion, a tangible proximity exists between the desire to look at the world instinctually, “captured spontaneously”, and the world tilting towards oneself in a fully assumed vision.

photo credit Denis Farley