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• Music/Ustvolskaya/Painting (2014- )
• Little paintings (2014- )
• Translation and Reprise (2013- )
• Music/Feldman/Painting (2007- )
• Studio walls (2002-  )
• Drawing (2002-  )
• Recording Surface (2002-2006)
• Video/Vertov/Painting (1997-2001)
• Video/Painting (1990-1996)
• Painting (1989-1990)


A period of learning through an abundance of works on paper, and a period where the relationship between image and text is problematized through infinite juxtapositions. Graphic and linguistic symbols are gathered to create space of unmaking. In the series titled coupe – J. S., on the left hand side there is a list of indefinable signs, and on the right, on a flat Prussian blue background, sentences extracted from Joseph Stalin’s writings can be found. Do these fragments work against the meaning attributed to them? The result is a questioning of the double relationship between language (speaking) and painting (seeing) that subsequent works will further explore.

photo credit Guy L'Heureux