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• Music/Ustvolskaya/Painting (2014- )
• Little paintings (2014- )
• Translation and Reprise (2013- )
• Music/Feldman/Painting (2007- )
• Studio walls (2002-  )
• Drawing (2002-  )
• Recording Surface (2002-2006)
• Video/Vertov/Painting (1997-2001)
• Video/Painting (1990-1996)
• Painting (1989-1990)


In 2007, Mario Côté undertook a lengthy project: the graphic and pictorial translation of musical scores by 20th Century composers. Recently he has embarked upon a brand new cycle of paintings based on the works of the Russian composer Galina Ustvolskaya (1919-2006). To begin with, Côté carefully studied the score of her Piano Sonata No. 6 (1988), then he created a film document of Jacques Drouin interpreting the piece. Following this initial research, he created a series of paintings and works on paper. It is important to know that Ustvolskaya’s œuvre for piano is characterized by repeated blocks of homophonic sounds, or clusters, and by the use of extreme dynamics.

For his pictorial translation of Ustvolskaya’s sonata, Côté revisited a process that he had used in his work on Feldman, and yet allowed it to unfold in a new pictorial space, wherein a specific number of rectangles corresponds to the pitch of the notes. As for the clusters, they are meticulously represented in a section of the canvas by several interlaced coloured lines, like a trellis over the painted surface. This “weaving” of adjacent sounds played simultaneously, cogently evokes the dense and compact aural effect of the musical work.

photo credit Guy L'Heureux