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• L'audible et le visible
  (The Audible and the Visible)

• L'AutreAuPortrait

• Faktura
• L'Image manquante
  (The Missing Image)

• Lieux de la couleur
  (Colour’s Place)

• Le Mensonge de la couleur
  (Colour’s Lie)

FAKTURA : l'écrit à l'œuvre dans les arts visuels
(The Written Word at Work in the Visual Arts) – 2006-2008

“Man is the one who is missing an image. (…) Man is a desiring look seeking another image behind all that he sees” Pascal Quignard, Le sexe et l’effroi, 1994.
Questions: Have not the rarity of seminal images, the search for unnamed identities, and the lack of identity generated an outpouring of research in History -- that of art, of language, and of ideas? Has this not resulted in the appearance of a large variety of unique and innovative writings? Does this project of grasping identity find its echo in visual art? How to discern this echo in art practices themselves? From this starting point the research group has carried its ideas forward through seminars and workshops attended by artists and researchers invited from various fields (poets, psychoanalysts, choreographers, art historians) and students.

The question of the surfaces for inscription in visual arts and their capacity to create identity was another subject raised. In the face of increasingly frequent joining of text and writing in art practices, we find it pertinent to try to understand their basis within a much larger range of works existing between writing and storytelling. Very much like our practices embedded in painting and writing history (MRZ), videographic writing (MC) or the exhibition as narrative (LD), many art practices are tributaries of the image. Nevertheless, their function is not so much to be images, but to create images. This assertion begs the question of the exhibiting structures as locations for inscribing identity. Surfaces for this inscription of identity -- the canvas, the book, and the gallery, become sites and objects of observation, of creation, and of distribution.

Principal Researcher: Monique Régimbald-Zeiber

Associate Researchers:  Louise Déry et Mario Côté