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• L'audible et le visible
  (The Audible and the Visible)

• L'AutreAuPortrait

• Faktura
• L'Image manquante
  (The Missing Image)

• Lieux de la couleur
  (Colour’s Place)

• Le Mensonge de la couleur
  (Colour’s Lie)

(The Audible and the Visible), 2009 - 2012
in graphic notation, the voice’s image, and visual sound recordings.


The resurgence in the art field of physical and mediated sound works, giving rise to a renewed study of the complementary and opposing relationship between the audible and the visible, is the basis of this program in research and practice. Three research axes will structure three years of work: music and “pictorial translation”, voice and videographic writing, ambient soundscapes and visual sound recordings, allowing for collaborations and the creation of new works.

Firstly, the research begun on musical transcription and more specifically on “graphic scores” developed in the 1950’s by the New York School (Brown, Cage, Feldman, Wolff) will lead to the creation of renewed forms of “pictorial translations” embodied in paintings. Secondly, a video recording of a reading of an essay by Alain Fleischer describing a Holocaust photograph seen in a Jewish Museum in Sydney. The experimental video will make it possible to ascertain whether the voice alone can contain nascent images. Thirdly, the creation of visual sound recordings of the ambient sound of interior spaces destined to disappear or to be transformed in the architectural landscape of our North-American society, as though the computer images (“similarity matrix”) could meet the sound imprint.  Illustrated here are the three research axes that will explore the relationship between the audible and the visible.

Principal Researcher : Mario Côté

Participants : Philip Gareau , Alain Fleischer, Brigitte Kerhervé

Professionals : Richard Boudrias, Steeve Desrosiers, Martin Hurtubise