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• L'audible et le visible
  (The Audible and the Visible)

• L'AutreAuPortrait

• Faktura
• L'Image manquante
  (The Missing Image)

• Lieux de la couleur
  (Colour’s Place)

• Le Mensonge de la couleur
  (Colour’s Lie)

ARC_PHONO – 2005-2012

Archives of interior ambient soundscapes “threatened with extinction”.

The interdisciplinary group for research and production, ARC_PHONO, financed by the Centre de recherche-création en arts et technologies médiatiques Hexagram UQAM (2005-2008) and the Fonds québécois de recherche sur la société et la culture (FQRSC, 2009 - 2012) is mandated to make audio recordings of interior spaces characteristic of our North-American society. The locations are visibly marked by their history and by the era in which they arose, through their architecture, materials, and common usages, and by the unprecedented development of urban planning. Places also contain a vast reservoir of auditory possibilities -- one could even say auditory identities. It is easy to distinguish between an audio recording made in the streets of Tokyo, Paris, or New York.

What are the possibilities of auditory identity in built spaces? ARC_PHONO, a group composed of university researchers, artists, and audio and computer professionals, has posited the hypothesis that numerous urban spaces have stored, in the form of sound imprints, a part of their history. And because these interior spaces are likely to be transformed or to disappear, how could we preserve traces of them by means of audio archiving? And could the notion of a soundscape lead to portraits of interior spaces owing to the proximity of sound effects in a specific space? New research avenues open up to us.

The goal of this work is to preserve an imprint on a digital audio medium accompanied by photographic documentation in order to produce an interactive DVD document. The research team is directed by Mario Côté, artist and professor at the École des arts visuels et médiatiques (UQAM). He has already developed audio and video projects presented in nationally and internationally recognized venues. Furthermore, audio professional Martin Hurtubise, research assistants Sophie Castonguay and Danielle Raymond, both PhD’s in Art Studies and Practices, Audrey Douanne, Claudette Lemay and Alexandre Jimenez, Masters in Visual and Media Arts (UQAM) have joined the group. ARC_PHONO is financed and supported by the FQRSC and Hexagram/UQAM.

Read Fabien Deglise, Écouter la ville, paru le Devoir du 6 décembre 2009.