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• L'audible et le visible
  (The Audible and the Visible)

• L'AutreAuPortrait

• Faktura
• L'Image manquante
  (The Missing Image)

• Lieux de la couleur
  (Colour’s Place)

• Le Mensonge de la couleur
  (Colour’s Lie)

ARC_DANSE – 2011-2014
Choreographic recreation, videographic reinterpretation, re-mediation of the archive, living memory, and dance creator.

ARC_DANSE is a research project that contributes to the recreation of choreographic works in modern Quebec dance, to their videographic reinterpretation, and finally to the re-mediation of archival documents, the living memory of dance. Françoise Sullivan and Jeanne Renaud are two pioneers of modern dance in Quebec. Mario Côté possesses substantial experience in this approach to recreation, having already directed: Les Saisons Sullivan (2007) Dédale (Sullivan - 2008) and Blanc, Noir ou Rien (Renaud - 2010). Dance, the art of living presence, resists reproduction.

How to conserve a living memory of these works which perpetuate still today a relationship to oral tradition based on the dancers’ memory? How to go from the language of the present body to that of images captured in video? How to create a filmic work that makes this contradiction evident? What is the dancer-body? It is principally by observing the dancer’s demeanour in previous productions that we can say that it is a “double body”: at once tangible and intangible -- first trained, worked, modeled, then almost impalpable, fleeting like an image, because it makes an art of its technique. The camera thus plays a crucial role in this process of designating the dancer-body. And the work of making this observed body active aims to ingeniously produce a body “unknown” -- one could even say a body in suspension.

Lastly, in collaboration with Brigitte Kerthervé (UQAM - Informatique) and Olivier Gerbé (HEC - Informatique) we are working on re-mediation, which consists of creating archiving and indexing tools. We wish to restore a real value of active and creative archives to the documents accompanying these works: interviews, photographic documents, creative processes, film production journals, etc. This project will give researchers an accessible form (an interactive data-base) for consultation and for the creation of new works. The archives will take on the character of artworks in themselves.

Principal Researcher : Mario Côté (UQAM)

Associate Researchers : Brigitte Kerhervé (UQAM-Informatique), Olivier Gerbé (HEC-Informatique)

Associated Artists : Jeanne Renaud (choreographer), Françoise Sullivan (artist and choreographer)

Professionals : Richard Boudrias, Steeve Desrosiers, Martin Hurtubise